Ron Hood

Prometheus would be proud

Christopher Nyerges- Christopher

Hey folks, it's really a good read, and great for anyone who is still trying to master this. Some of us (like me) only had Larry Dean Olsen's book 30 years ago and so, and though we learned (slowly), Halcon's book really goes over the ways to do it right, and things people do wrong. You cannot have too many copies of the book. It is well-written and excellent photos.

Jeff Randall-

Kick-ass and to the point. A no-bullshit booklet on how to do a hand-drill. Darryl Patton taught me the skill and what you have in the book is exactly how I was taught...and it works.Especially like the last part about blowing it in front of the camera. Been there and done that too. Skills are humbling things sometimes...especially when you think you have them mastered. Anyway, just wanted to say great book and a "must have" for anyone interested in learning the CORRECT way to do a hand-drill.

Alberto- Lake Worth, Florida

The booklet is very well written, illustrated and is packed with vital information for any one who is interested in learning friction fire by the hand drill method or would like to improve on his or her hand drill skills!
I wish that Halcon would had written the booklet about a year ago when I was teaching my self the hand drill method of friction fire making, it would have been a great help to me.
But it has still been a great help to me because it has helped me improve my hand drill skills.
So if you are interested in learning the hand drill method of friction fire making do your self a favor and order the booklet the price is a great bargain in it's self! I am convinced that any one who orders the booklet will find it highly informative and well on their way to learning that magical ancient friction fire making skill that all of our ancestors once used!

Fred- Amelia Island, Florida

Alan Just finished reading the booklet.....EXCELLENT!!!!!!
I'm thinking that I will make Fire this weekend
Thanks for all the effort and hard work I know it took to put the booklet together.

Pat- Amboy, WA

Great book Halcon. Friction fire is one of my weak points, but your book should help to remedy that!

Tim- Cheektowaga, NY

I received my book today and thought that it was excellent...I'll highly recommend it to everyone!

Lou Magnabosco- Washington

I have just finished a well written and informative book by our very own Halcon.

As some of you may know Alan has published a booklet titled The Hand-Drill. He has broken the book into seven informative sections covering everything that you will need to know about using the Hand-drill but were afraid to ask. In fact Alan has used the question answer format in writing the book making it even easier to follow and less wordy than it would have been using some other styles of presentation. The chapters take you through wood selection and construction as would be expected from a book of this nature. Alan then adds a well thought out section on positions and their effects on successful fire making. Alan has not only covered a number of possible positions that a person can use but has even formulated a table showing just how much all important pressure can be applied from each position when making fire. This is just one indicator of the detail and thought that has been applied in the making of this book. Alan then follows up with remarks on fixing trouble areas and some inside tricks and tips.

In closing he emphasizes that each person needs to think for one’s self and do what works for him or her. Good advise not only with this book but also with almost any endeavor one might choose to pursue.

Now if we can just convince Alan to follow up with the bow-drill instructions, flint, steel and tinder and even the making of the famous Halcon stove we would have a fully comprehensive one stop booklet on the making of fire in wilderness conditions directlyfrom the Fire God himself!

Good work Alan you have produced a work to be proud of and one that I will be pleased to place next to my signed books from David Alloway and David Wescott. I’m sure they would be proud to have your work placed next to theirs as well.

Dude McLean- Toluca Lake, CA

Alans booklet is a must get for those of you who have not been able to make fire.And if you have made fire you still need it.And I like your idea of Alan following up with another booklet for the bow and drill and etc. including his stove... The Fire God hasdone real damn good.A standing ovation!