Basic First-Aid (BFA)...
Red Cross Basic First Aid Certification included

Whether at home, work, school or around the neighborhood, you will have the knowledge and confidence in providing basic first aid until advanced medical personnel arrive on the scene and take over.

Basic First Aid teaches you how to recognize and care for life-threatening medical emergencies including:

• Burns, bleeding and shock
• Injuries to muscles, bones and joints
• Head and spinal injuries
• Heat and cold emergencies, including hypothermia and heat stroke
• Bites and stings
• Sudden illnesses, stroke, seizure and poisoning


$60 per person

4 hours

Red Cross First Aid Basics (valid for 3 years)


Wilderness First Aid (WFA)....
Wilderness First Aid Basics Certification included

Perhaps you're sitting at home, a major disaster strikes and a family or friend become injured. Emergency Services are undoubtedly going to be delayed from either not being able to get to you because the streets are covered in debris, or because they are handling other calls with multiple casualties. Maybe you're on that weekend camping trip and someone in your party falls injuring themselves in the process. With no communication to the outside world and help hours away, would you know what to do?

Amongst survival priorities, first aid is one of the most important in an emergency situation. When help is delayed by 30 minutes or more, knowing how to properly care for an injured person becomes even more critical.

Through lecture and practice scenarios, this course will guide the student in how to handle a first aid when in the backcountry or help is delayed. This course offers everything the basic first aid course offers plus much more including but not limited to:


$160 per person (text book and materials included)

16 hours

Red Cross Wilderness First-aid Basics (Valid 3 years) This class also fulfills the Red Cross Basic first aid requirements.

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This course meets the requirements put forth in 2008 by the Boy Scouts of America.


Emergency Fire Starting (EFS)

Knowing how to start a fire when the chips are down is one of the most important skills one can "own." One often overlooks the importance of knowing how to start a fire; however, when you need it you really need it. In a disaster or emergency situation, Fire is critical in keeping you warm, purifying your water, cooking food to kill any food borne parasites, alert Search and Rescue to your area, and it provides psychological comfort.

From primitive to modern, this class is designed to take you through different fire starting methods including: the hand-drill, bow and drill, egyptian bow and drill, injury suppressed fire starting, solar fire starting using different methods; including water, and many more.

We will also discuss proper tinder preparation, proper fire lay setup, fire maintenance and safety.

This class is held in the field, and we will do a walk to collect appropriate materials and discuss the various materials suitable for fire starting. Bring appropriate clothing, water, and a small knife.

2-3 hours

$50 per person